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YSPN: Youth Service Provider Network of Greater Victoria

Contact: Sarah Amyot


The next YSPN meeting will be in February 2011. Date and location to be announced.

The Youth Serice Provider Network is a collective open to all members in the youth serving community.

Our aim is to provide the best service, leadership and opportunities possible for youth in Victoria through active collaboration, communication and relationship building.

We believe that youth and the people who serve them are valuable resources who deserve affirmation and support.

Scope: We are committed to reaching out to local service providers and youth workers in a variety of different service and education areas and welcome interested youth workers at any time.

We meet quarterly to share face to face, brainstorm solutions to emerging issues and challenges and develop new collaboration and partnerships

We collaborate to facilitate the website and information portal for youth with an inclusive roster listing youth-related programs, events and organizations

To work together to improve the profile of "youth" in Victoria and raise community and media awareness of youth related-issues, services, events, achievements, challenges and opportunities.

The Youth Service Provider network was created for youth service providers, by youth service providers.

Ages: Adult Service Providers and Educators

YSPN: Youth Service Provider Network of Greater Victoria


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